At Catering on Locke we pride ourselves on creating a menu that is
custom to your liking, talk to our chef about your custom menu.

                             Party Starters

                                                           Buffalo Chicken Phyllo
                                   Tomato Basil Feta Bruschetta w/ Balsamic Reduction
                                                   Beef Tenderloin & Tomato Jam Crostini
                                              Cucumber Cup w/ Creole Shrimp Salad 



                                                               All American Sliders                                                                                                          Meatballs W/ Spicy Tomato Sauce
                                     Chicken Wings (Buffalo, Lemon Pepper, BBQ, Jerk)
                                                           Sweet Chili Pork Skewers
                                                               BBQ Shrimp & Grits
                                                         Asian Tofu Lettuce Wraps



                               Taste Of Italy 

All Entrees Served with Cesar Salad or Italian Salad & Garlic Butter Rolls 

Choose 1  

  • Sundried Tomato Chicken – Chicken Breast Braised in Mushroom Cream Sauce 
  • Chicken Piccata – Chicken Breast in Parmesan Batter Topped with Lemon Caper Beurre Blanc 
  • Chicken Cacciatore – Braised Chicken Thighs in Red Wine Tomato Sauce with Peppers, Onions and Mushrooms 
  • Lasagna- Beef, Italian Sausage, Or Vegetables Layered with Béchamel, Ricotta Cheese, Housemade Tomato Sauce 
  • Chicken Masala – Chicken Breast Braised in Masala Cream Sauce with Mushrooms 
  • Baked Ziti – Ziti Noodles with Housemade Tomato Sauce, Italian Sausage, Ricotta Cheese And parmesan Cheese 
  • Chicken Parmesan – Panko Crusted Chicken Breast, Mozzarella, Housemade Tomato Sauce 

Choose 1 

  • Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes 
  • Herb Butter Noodles 
  • Roasted Vegetables 


                     From Mama’s Kitchen 

All Entrées Served with House Salad and Honey Cornbread 

Choose 1 

  • Buttermilk Soaked & Brined Fried Chicken w/ Rosemary Honey Hot Sauce 
  • Meatloaf w/ Brown Sugar Cider Glaze 
  • Apple Cider Brined Pork Chops w/ Apple Cider Reduction 
  • Pot Roast w/ Pepperoncini Au Ju 
  • Blackened Catfish w/ Bleu Cheese Cream Sauce 

Choose 2 

  • Baked Mac and Cheese 
  • Cheddar Chive Mashed Potatoes 
  • Cheesy Grits w/ Chives 
  • Sweet Potato Mash w/ Pecans & Maple Syrup 
  • Southern Style Green Beans w/ Onions & Bacon 
  • Wifey’s Collard Greens 


                      Grilling Out Back 

All Served with Pickles, Pickled Jalapenos, Shaved Onion, BBQ Sauce and Rolls 

Choose 1 

  • Pulled Pork 
  • Smoked Chicken Thighs 
  • Housesmoked Ribs (3 bones Per Person) 

Choose 3 

  • Chipotle Pineapple Cole Slaw 
  • Roasted Red Pepper Potato Salad 
  • Kettle Chips 
  • 3 Cheese Mac & Cheese 
  • Tomato Cucumber Salad 
  • Pit Beans 
  • Cheesy Corn w/ Ham 

                         It’s Taco Tuesday 

Classic Taco Bar  

Choose 1 

  • Seasoned Ground Beef 
  • Shredded Chicken 

Served with Lettuce, Pico, Sour Cream, Salsa Rojo, Jack Cheese, Olives, Jalapenos, Tortilla Chips, Soft & Hard Shells, Mexican Rice, Beans, Cilantro, Onions 


Street Taco Bar  

Choose 2 

  • Marinated Steak 
  • Adobo Spiced Chicken 
  • Carnitas 

Served with Diced Onions, Cilantro, Salsa Rojo, Salsa Verde, Queso Fresco, Limes, White Corn Tortillas, Mexican Rice, Black or Refried Beans 


                                 Tex- Mex

All Entrées Served with Red Rice, Seasoned Black Beans or Refried Beans, Jalapenos, Corn Tortillas, Pickled Onions, Salsa Rojo 

Choose 1 

  • Chopped Salad – Chopped Romaine, Cherry Tomatoes, Corn, Shaved Red Onion, Pickled Radish, Cilantro Lime Dressing 
  • Elote Corn Salad- Fire Roasted Corn, Diced Red Onion, Red Bell Peppers, Cilantro, Cojita. Mayo 

Choose 1 

  • Green Chile Pork – Pork Brasied in Green Chiles 
  • Cheese Enchiladas 
  • Beef Barbacoa – Sweet and Tangy Braised Beef
  • Adabado Braised Chicken –  


  • Green Chile Queso 
  • Guacamole 


                           Sweet Treats

                                                     Cappuccino Brownie
                                      Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookie
                                                             Carrot Cake
                                                              Lemon Bar 



                   Chef’s Picks for Dinner 

Choose A Protein 

  • Pan Seared Airline Chicken Breast – Brined Airline Chicken Breast 
  • Braised Beef Short Ribs – Short Ribs Braised in Chianti Wine 
  • Grilled or Seared Fillet of Beef 
  • Grilled Duroc Pork Chop – Apple Cider Brined Duroc Pork Chop 
  • Balsamic Glazed Portabella Stack – Portabella Mushroom, Squash, Zucchini, Roasted Red Bell Pepper, Mozzarella 
  • Grilled Jumbo Shrimp 
  • Miso Marinated Salmon 

Choose A Starch 

  • Chipotle Mashed Sweet Potatoes 
  • Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes 
  • Roast Garlic Mashed Potatoes 
  • English Pea Risotto 
  • Herb Rice Pilaf 

 Choose A Vegetable 

  • Glazed Baby Carrots 
  • Roasted Cremini Mushrooms 
  • Haricot Verts 
  • Roasted Brussels Sprouts w/Bacon 
  • Roasted Vegetables 

 Sauce It 

  • Red Wine Demi Glaze 
  • Lemon Beurre Blanc 
  • Apple Cider Reduction

                            Box Lunches 

                                  All Boxed Lunches Come with Fruit & Cookie 

Choose 1 Sandwich (Wrapped or Whole Grain Bread) 

  • Turkey Club – Smoked Turkey, Crispy Bacon, Leaf Lettuce, Cheddar, Vine Ripe Tomato 
  • Roast Beef Stack- Roast Beef, Leaf Lettuce, Shaved Red Onion, Vine Ripe Tomato, Provolone  
  • Italian Sub- Ham, Salami, Leaf Lettuce, Vine Ripe Tomato, Shaved Red Onion 
  • Pesto Portabella- Roasted Portabella Mushroom, Provolone, Basil Pesto, Vine Ripe Tomato 
  • Miso Marinated Tofu – Miso Marinated Tofu, Shaved Carrots, Sliced Cucumber, Pickled Red Onion, Cilantro, Leaf Lettuce, Siracha Aioli 

 Choose 1 Sides  

  • Tuscan Pasta Salad 
  • Caprese Salad 
  • Potato Chips 

                  I’ll Have a Salad Please  

  • Cobb– Bibb Lettuce, Grape Tomatoes, Egg, Corn, Bleu Cheese, Bacon, Chives 
  • Field Green- Mix Greens, Grape Tomatoes, Saved Red Onion, Croutons, Goat Cheese, Cucumbers, Shaved Carrots 
  • Spinach Salad- Spinach, Segmented Oranges, Feta, Strawberry, Toasted Almonds 
  • Romaine – Chopped Romaine, Olives, Shaved Red Onion, Grape Tomato, Red Bell Pepper, Parmesan

Choose A Dressing

  • Lemon Poppyseed Vinaigrette 
  • Balsamic Vinaigrette 
  • Green Goddess 
  • Chipotle Ranch 
  • Bleu Cheese 
  • Italian 

 Add A Protein (Upcharge)

  • Grilled Chicken 
  • Roasted Portabella Mushroom 
  • Grilled Shrimp 

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